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Professor Angelos M. Efstathiou

Prof Angelos Efstathiou small

“From Nanomaterial to Industrial Process”

Prof Angelos Efstathiou small

Angelos Efstathiou, (Ph.D. Chemical Engineering) Professor at the University of Cyprus, has research interests in:

(i) Environmental Catalysis focused on NOx, CO and H2S de-pollution control catalytic technologies for stationary and mobile applications;

(ii) Heterogeneous Catalysis towards energy production through conversion of biomass pyrolysis-derived products into a hydrogen-rich, natural gas and upgrading biogas into useful chemicals, Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis, low-temperature water-gas shift, steam reforming and dry reforming;

(iii) Catalyst surface characterization including temperature-programmed techniques, transient isothermal studies for the characterization of reactivity of adsorbed surface intermediates and transient isotopic techniques;

(iv) Mechanistic and kinetics of heterogeneous catalytic reactions using Steady State Isotopic Transient Kinetic Analysis (SSITKA) coupled with on line Mass Spectrometry and DRIFTS (operando methodology) together with mathematical and kinetic modelling of transient experiments.

Prof Efstathiou has over 5000 citations across 160 publications. He has numerous collaborations with industry around the world, including Linde Engineering AG (Germany), Mel Chemicals Ltd (UK) and SASOL (South Africa). He currently sits on multiple editorial boards including Catalysis Communication and Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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