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Prof Samuel Dagorne



Prof Samuel Dagorne

CNRS -Strasbourg, France

Keynote speaker: KL7

Samuel Dagorne obtained his undergraduate degree at the University of Rennes (France) in1994. In 1995, he joined the group of Professor Richard F. Jordan at the University of Iowa (Iowa City, USA) and graduated with a Ph.D. working on chiral zirconocenes and group 13 compounds.

In 1999, he joined Professor Richard R. Schrock’s group (MIT, USA) as a post-doc working on molybdenum alkylidenes. Back in France, he joined the C.N.R.S. in 2000 as researcher and is currently a senior research scientist at The Université of Strasbourg (France).

He co-authored 104 publications and his research interests include organometallic chemistry, related fundamental reactivity and use in catalysis.

Title: Combining N-heterocyclic carbenes with Zn(II) for novel electrophilic organometallics: synthesis, structure and use in homogenous catalysis


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